Event Sponsors

American Patriot Fest is proud of our sponsors. Without sponsorship, it would be very difficult to offer the many free activities and benefits that support active military, Veterans and their families. We thank the many sponsors that continue to support us, and welcome new sponsorship inquiries.

We pride ourselves on working one-on-one with our sponsors in developing a custom-designed package that will help meet their goals within budget. Sponsorships can be created for a specific area or activity; or as an overall event sponsor. Exclusivity may be an option, based on level and product/service category. Depending on the event needs, some trade may be considered.

As a sponsor, you will be able to showcase, sell or promote your brand, products and services. You’ll reach a large audience with diverse demographics. The event is advertised heavily and draws visitors from the southwestern and western regions of the USA. To discuss sponsorship opportunities email us at info@americanpatriotfest.info with Sponsorship in the subject line, or call 414-690-0717. Thank you for your interest and consideration in sponsoring American Patriot Fest.

Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority City of North Las Vegas


To become a sponsor please email info@americanpatriotfest.info.

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Craig Ranch Regional Park | 628 W. Craig Road | North Las Vegas, NV 83032